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We’re a next generation CPG company on a mission to create things people like more. Whether it's a product, an experience, or an internal tool, we believe in making the things around us better, for our customers and our team. Our Values are the foundation of our culture, and enable us to live up to our Mission everyday, in big and small ways. Our values are deeply ingrained into our processes, and drive how we hire, evaluate and reward our team.


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Grow Forth.

We value forward thinking, learning, and progress. We creatively solve problems and generate new ideas by learning from both setbacks and successes.

Embrace The Mammoths.

Even when it’s hard, we embrace the mammoth in the room — with an emphasis on the embrace. We proactively offer feedback, listen, and have direct dialogue daily, because having tough conversations and considering diverse perspectives make us better.

Own It.

We act as owners and doers in ways big and small. We always ensure that ownership is clear — when we’re not owning it ourselves, we’re delegating, empowering, and trusting others. We’re accountable for our successes and failures.

See The Person. Serve The People.

At the end of the day, our purpose is in the people. We see, respect, and try to connect with every person as a person, and take action that will have a positive impact on people. We always remember our humanity and humor because we’re people, too.

Our ERGs are internal, employee-led networks dedicated to building community, promoting allyship, influencing the business, and fostering an inclusive working environment. And they’re a big part of our culture: over 50% of Harry’s Inc. employees are in one or more ERGs.


The Advocates
African Ancestry Collective
All Equals
Fuerza Latina

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Harry’s

We’re cultivating a workplace where people feel valued, safe, empowered to show up as their best selves.


A family of brands led by our values and our differences to authentically serve our community


A collection of products that are useful and address a diverse range of needs.


Leaders committed to building teams with a variety of perspectives and experiences


A dedicated group representing a variety of perspectives and providing influence across the business

We curate a menu of different ways to grow, so that every person has the tools they need to develop in their career.

One-on-one coaching: A trained coach can be the sounding board we all need to do our best work. So we offer every person the opportunity to work with a professional coach.

L&Dough: We created an annual stipend for Learning and Development that allows people to opt into the resources, training, and courses that are right for them.

Career Conversations: Dedicated, twice-a-year opportunities for managers and employees to partner to articulate what someone wants from their career—and identify how Harry’s Inc. can support them along that path.

Mentorship: We facilitate multiple mentorship opportunities (both internally and with external partners) to connect, support, and inspire our team.

Learning &
at Harry’s Inc.

Interview Process

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We’re committed to providing a benefits package that enhances the well-being of our team and their families, both now and in the future. Benefits may vary across geographies, and brands, but hover over each focus area to see a snapshot of what we offer.*

Harry’s Inc. Benefits

*These benefits are generally available to full time and part time, regular Harry’s Inc. employees. However this can vary depending on the geography and statutory or legal requirements. Further information is available upon hire.

** Also referred to as Bank Holidays depending on geography