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We’re building a modern CPG company.



Here’s how

Our Story

In 2013 we launched Harry’s, our namesake brand, with the simple goal of making grooming better for guys everywhere. We created a brand that we wanted for ourselves, with high-quality, fairly priced products that felt good to use. We started online, selling direct to our customers, and then expanded into brick and mortar retailers, to meet our customers where they shopped.

Our Approach

Today, our company consists of four brands, with millions of customers across multiple geographies. Our approach to growing and scaling brands follows a few simple steps. First, we identify an unmet consumer need that we can solve, and create a brand, product or experience that they’ll like more. Then, we launch online so we can get to know our customers directly and learn from them. Third, we expand into brick and mortar retail, leveraging all of our online learnings to grow and profitably scale our business.

Our family of brands

Today, Harry’s Inc. is a family of four brands: Harry’s, Flamingo, Lume and Mando. Each brand serves a unique customer need, but all share our common mission: to create things people like more.

Together, we are reimagining CPG

We are committed to having a positive impact on our community. So far that impact includes:

We believe the best business models make a positive impact, too.

$ 1 6 M

Donated or committed over $16M to nonprofit organizations globally

2 0 +

Nonprofit partners globally

1 . 5 M +

Men given access to mental healthcare through the Harry’s brand’s work

4 . 5 K

Hours our team has volunteered with nonprofit organizations

Our Brands








Andy Katz-Mayfield

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Jeff Raider

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Danielle Brown

Chief People Officer

Sandeep Chouksey

Chief Technology Officer

Brittania Boey

Chief Commercial Officer

Jeff Lipkin

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Moore

President, North America, Harry's and Flamingo

Will Freund

Chief Operating Officer

Randy Yang

Chief Growth Officer

Shannon Klingman

CEO and Founder, Lume and Mando

Dan Griffiths

President, Lume and Mando